Standard Weedless Flippin Jig 3 Pack

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Our weedless Flippin Jigs come in a variety of colors so you can match you favorite soft baits and varying conditions in the water! Made with Mustad hooks and other high quality components.

Bad Blood Flippin Jig

The Bad Blood Flippin Jig has a sleek black finish with red flakes and a skirt that is black and blood red with a high-action ripple strands flowing through it.

Chartreuse Flippin Jig

Add some variety to your drab flippin jig collection with the Chartreuse Flippin Jig. The bright yellow chartreuse jighead is paired with a bright green and lime skirt with rippled strands for added action. When you need a change in the lineup and a unique presentation, this jig can be just what the doctor ordered.

Pearl Flipping Jig

The Pearl Flippin Jig is another brightly colored weedless jig that we designed to provide an additional option in your flipping jig arsenal. When the chartreuse is just a little too loud, try this jig out to see if you can entice your next big bite.