Rounded Skirt Spinnerbait 3 Pack

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Our spinnerbaits are handmade with high quality components and offer great action and 3 different weights to choose from. Stock your tackle box now!

Green Gary - Chartreuse and Lime

Green Gary is one of our favorites and has caught us a lot of fish. This chartreuse and lime fish magnet will be a go-to for any body of water. The vivid colors on this lure are one-of-a-kind and the premium swivels and blades keep this one spinning through the water on your most intense fishing trips.

Pearly Pat - White and Red

The Pearly Pat is a great choice for those beautiful bright days out on the water. This lure has an attractive pearl finish with blaze red eyes and skirt accents. The contrasting colors resembles an injured baitfish and can be used in a variety of conditions. 

Midnight Manny - Black and Brown

Toss this sleek lure out and start reeling in a train of trophy fish. The Midnight Manny creates a great contour for fish lurking in the depths that is great for gloomy days. Run this one deep or near the surface and watch the aquatic predators pounce. This is a unique addition to any tackle box.

All of our lures are handmade in the USA with premium components and colors. Share pictures of the fish you've caught with us for a chance to be featured in our blog.