Premium Shakeyhead 3x3 Pack

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Using these jigheads is simple, just screw your favorite soft plastic bait onto the protruding spring and then slide the hook through the bait to hold it in place. Enjoy finesse fishing at its finest with on of our high quality Shakeyhead jigs. Three jigs come in each color shown.

Smokey Shakeyhead

Premium paint on a classic jig. This Shakeyhead has a gray finish with blue glitter top coat that increases visibility as you work the bottom of lakes, rivers or any other body of water.

Green Shakeyhead

A new twist on a classic color. This premium jig has a base coat of forest green and is decorated with specs of gold glitter. The clear topcoat adds extra durability as you bounce this lure along the bottom, along sunken logs, or in between dock pylons.

Jackolantern Shakeyhead

The Jackolantern Shakeyhead appeals to your more refined lip-ripping sensibilities. Hook one of these up and screw in your favorite soft plastic bait and start dancing this across the bottom for some explosive strikes.