About Nomad

What is a Nomad?

Fishing isn't just catching fish, it's making a connection with the world around you. You never know what you're going to find around the next bend or pull in on the next cast. Every trip is a discovery. A Nomad is a person that is motivated to get out and experience the outdoors and has a profound respect for all that they can provide. When a Nomad is on the move, they're traveling to the next fishing lake, scouting a new stream, or getting ready for the next fishing trip. But surrounding all the hustle and bustle there is the refined chaos and beauty that is the outdoors.

We think that your gear should be just as authentic and attractive as the water and land around you. It just wouldn't be right to hit the water with fishing gear that didn't look great. In fact, it would be a slap in Mother Nature's face. The goal of Nomad Fishing Company is to save you from the embarrassment of having a low quality eyesore hanging from your back or tucked in your bag.

That's why we provide high quality fishing products that fit in with the natural beauty that is around you while also helping you land your next big fish. We take pride in our craftsmanship and believe that just because you're on the go between fishing holes, doesn't mean you have to settle for sub par quality in your fishing gear.

Our nets

Our nets are custom designed and crafted by us using quality hardwoods. Our synthetic netbags prevent hook snags and are gentler on fish than other fishing nets. Through our custom steaming, bending and shaping process, we're able to create nets that are not only beautiful, but durable and functional as well. We want to make sure that you land every fish in style.

If you're looking for a great gift idea for a loved one, a wedding party, or just because: we offer customized nets with names burned right into the wood. Go to our Custom Nets page for more details or to order.

Adapting as we go

As we develop new products, you know we're going to have to test them. And we might even test out some older ones just to make sure they still work. After all, in order to give you the best quality product, we've gotta get out there and make sure they work for ourselves. How else can we make sure our lure blades are spinning and our nets are flush with freshly caught fish? We just have to get out there and make sure for ourselves.

We'll see you out there

We create gear that we love to use and we love to see our fishing gear in action. We'll be posting about our recent trips and the gear we're using. We are strong advocates for an active outdoor lifestyle for ourselves as well as our customers. We want you to share those fishing moments with us, just like we will share ours with you.

As you wander between your favorite fishing lakes, rivers and ponds share your pics on social media or by emailing us at fishpics@nomadfishco.com. Make sure to tag us and include your name and location so we can showcase your catch! The best photos will be entered into our yearly photo contest for a chance to win a free customized fishing net!

We’ll keep you updated on our travels as well. Stop back to read about our recent fishing trips, hear about our techniques, or browse our new products. We’re always learning and planning our next fishing trip and we want you to be there with us to experience it.

Stop back soon to see what’s new.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our store.