Standard Color Shakeyhead 3x3 Pack

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Our Shakeyheads are a tackle box staple! Trot these jigheads along the bottom to excite nearby fish and wait for the strike. These jigheads come in 1/8oz, 14oz, 3/8oz sizes. We have a variety of colors available as well. Each pack includes 3 of each color shown.

Pearl Shakeyhead

Solid white/pearl finish stands out on the bottom. Strap on your favorite rubber worm, crawfish or other soft-plastic bait and flip these bad boys under docks, behind rocks, or any other place you think a big bass may be hiding.

Black Shakeyhead

Sleek and stealthy, the Black Shakeyhead will become a trusted friend when it comes to working the bottom of the water column. Bounce it along the bottom or flip it into the deep holes with a soft rubber bait, or jerk it through the water with a rubber baitfish.

Chartreuse Shakeyhead

his bright Shakeyhead has a chartreuse green finish that creates a unique contrast as it bounces off the depths. This versatile lure keeps your line taught and will keep your bait presentation sticking up off the bottom which makes it easy for monster bass to scoop up.