Premium Weedless Flippin Jig 3 Pack

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Our premium pack offers classic flippin jig color patterns with colored sparkle flakes on the jighead. High action ripple and rounded skirts are used to stand out and entice bites.

Blue Creature Flippin Jig

Our Blue Creature Flippin Jig has a blue smoke finish that is a complex blend of gray, blue, black and silvery-blue glitter. The skirt is black with blue streeks and rippled strands that create extra excitement as you bounce them off logs, rocks and along weed beds.

Mossy Bark Flippin Jig

>This Mossy Bark Flippin Jig gets its name from the shades of green and brown that taunt bass that are lurking in the depths. The jighead is a deep forest green with green glitter and the skirt is green and brown with a brown rippled layer.

Crawdad Flippin Jig

A classic combination, the Crawdad Flippin Jig is modeled after the tasty little mudbugs. This great jig has a dark red and brown head with a brown skirt that varies both in color density and texture. Pair this jig with your favorite crawdad softbait to create a real attractive presentation!