The Difference Between Mass Production and Handmade Fishing Gear

Being on the open water with your most trusted fishing gear can truly be a pleasure but how much do you know about your equipment? Was it just a mass produced landing net or one that was crafted by the hands of a fisherman just like you? If anything, you would probably prefer handmade gear over mass production because there is more value and integrity with a custom made product. From spinnerbaits to fishing jigs, the differences between handmade and mass production can be quite apparent.

When it comes to fishing gear, many fishers opt for products that have been tried and tested in real world applications. With that being said, it can be hard to know the last time a big named manufacture actually tested their products. Choosing equipment from Nomad Fish Co. you can rest assure that every product is being tested regularly for quality purposes and that even includes older products. Other manufacturers may not test older products because it’s all about the money when it should be all about the sport. In doing so, the effort will provide for continuous improvement to keep in tune with your fishing habits.  The fact that our handmade fishing lures are crafted with premium lure components and not just your run of the mill material is a testament to our dedication to quality. Speaking of materials, not all landing nets are created equal and that can be obvious when comparing mass production to handmade. The craftsmanship found on many big box store wooden nets is sloppy and unrefined to say the least. They can also include severe structural flaws which impacts the durability and strength of the net frame.  Weak materials don’t make for good equipment and compared with the strength of Nomad landing nets it is easy to see the difference. They are designed, cut, steamed and molded with premium oak and maple, giving it the strength you need for top performance. The process is extremely hands-on and requires precision, patience and detail to develop the best landing net on the market. The next time you look at your fishing gear, take a second to think about its craftsmanship. Consider the switch to handmade gear and feel comforted that these products have seen REAL action on lakes, rivers and streams near you!