The Bass Master Elite on the Delaware: August 7-10, 2014

The Bass Master Elite on the Delaware: August 7-10, 2014

The Bass Master Elite tournament made its first appearance on the Delaware River this year. Philadelphia hosted the event which drew big crowds even to spite the hot and muggy weather.

We made our way down to the tournament on the last day, August 10th, to catch the weigh-in and find out who won. Our Nomad Fish Co. team arrived a bit early to have a few drinks and check out the outdoor expo that was set up near the stage at Penns Landing.  All of the latest and greatest electronics, boats and hardware were on display.

After making the rounds in the expo, we decided to check out the rest of the event. Looking out onto the river, you could see anglers speeding up and down the Delaware searching for their last honey hole to finish the day strong. Mike Iaconelli from New Jersey was the hometown favorite.  With crowds expecting big thing, the pressure was on for Iaconelli to show everyone what he can do back in his home waters.

As we were watching the boats cruise by, Iaconelli came creeping up the river’s edge near the event and decided to put on a show. He lifted his engine and let the motor rip, sending a plume of water and mist into the air. A cameraman from ESPN or Bass Masters was in the boat with him to catch the event. I’m sure it made for some great b-roll.

Expectations were not high for this tournament as the lower end of the Delaware experiences significant tidal changes and the proximity to a major city made many people skeptical. The tournament wound up being very competitive and although catch numbers were not at record highs, things were close.

Iaconelli ended up winning the tournament in a landslide, with 47.14lbs total at the end of the four day fishing tournament.  Second place was Chris Lane with 39.14. Ike took home a nice chunk of change and celebrated with his family and fans on stage, ending what hopefully is the first of many tournaments on the Delaware to come.

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