Nomad 2017

We've been working hard to revamp our site and create some new products for 2017. We'll be launching 2 new high quality landing nets in the near future with the option to customize. Check out our existing products in the meantime.


Every outdoorsman has a restless desire to get out into the wild. That restless spirit keeps us looking ahead for the next big adventure. Our mission at Nomad Fishing Co. is to embrace this spirit and to encourage our customers to do the same. As we pursue this ideal of freedom, we encourage you to do the same. That's why our goal is to bring our handmade products and experiences right to you, in your home and on the water. We're fishing enthusiasts just like you and we will be out there testing our gear on the waters while sharing those experiences here on our site. Grab some homemade fishing gear and liberate yourself from the daily grind.

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As we travel to different bodies of water, we'll do our best to document our trips and share our experiences with you. We have some big plans to grow our business in the coming years and that includes plenty of product testing and that means a lot of fishing. Our Blog will feature text and video of our trips and provide you with real world shots of our products in action. The Field Tests & Events section is where we'll discuss our upcoming plans and list appearances and trips that we have planned in the near future. View Field Test & Events. (Photo taken October 2016 - Salmon River, Pulaski NY by Nomad Fishing Co)